Fenergo's flagship Regtech product

Case Study


There are plenty of challenges with building enterprise software and scaling fast. Fenergo needed help to redesign their product UI, while growing their team, and meeting ambitious shipping deadlines. So they turned to us for help. Through research and best practice design, we created an interface that made a complex process more intuitive and manageable. We also advised the Fenergo product team on how to establish their design capabilities and ways of working.

  • Fenergo
  • Product Design
  • User Interface Design
  • 6+ Months
Project undertaken while working for UX Design Agency Each&Other
Ciaran Harris
Tablet app being used by a person
Updated Product UI

UX Team Manager, Philip Murray, talks about how working with Tom and Ciaran of Each&Other. How we gave Fenergo clarity on design direction and improved cross team collaboration.

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