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Hi there!

I'm Tom, Senior Design System Product Designer at Workday and Co-host of Opacity: A podcast about working in Design. Check it out ;)

I'm an experienced Lead Designer with a strong focus in User Experience, Product and Interface design. I enjoy thinking and conversing about design with others, and strive to help the design teams I work with to skill up.

I'd consider myself a creative thinker and highly motivated doer with a wide range of skills and expertise in the areas of Design Systems, Web & Mobile Design, UI Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration and Prototyping. Over the past 15 years I’ve worked hard to stay hands-on and keep my skills sharp. I’m in this for the craft, not just the theory.

Picture of Tom presenting UI Design course

Professional Certificate in Visual / UI Design

Online Learning Course

A new 3 month online course I created with the UX Design Institute. Become a stronger professional with a university credit-rated, online course in UI design. Master the key UI concepts and techniques, and learn how to confidently communicate and critique UI designs.

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Responsive interfaces on a laptop and phone

Headstart Design System template

Webflow Template

Headstart UI is a responsive design system template built in Webflow. Quickly layout and prototype screens with pre-made Headstart UI components. Fine-tune to your brand's style.

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